While Bursa's New Cable Car Cabins Are Tested TeleferikHaberwas there too

Levent Özen Italy Cable Car Ride - Leitner
Levent Özen Italy Cable Car Ride - Leitner

Bursa's new ropeway cabs are being tested TeleferikHaberThe assembly of Bursa's new cable car poles is in progress. In Italy, new wagons and carrier systems were tested at the Leitner factory. In those tests, only as an expert from Bursa Levent Özen There were ...

A significant development took place during the week in relation to the new ropeway of Bursa, which we know is now in its final stage.


Bursa's ropeway was tested at the factory where it was produced before it came to Bursa, ie at the Leitner plant in Italy. Cabinets, connection systems, carriers tested.

There was also a person from Bursa in the testing phase: Levent Özen.

In recent years, the high-speed train from Bursaray, international projects in Libya until the rail and cable car systems in Turkey from investments in important projects related consultancy engaged Levent Özen a young expert trained by this city, a complete electronic genius.

Besides the…

For rail systems Rayhaber magazine and internet site. Likewise for ropeway systems TeleferikHaber magazine and internet site owner. Both journals are published in Turkish and English.


Leitner, which produces the new ropeway in Bursa, is responsible for testing the cable car wagons. Levent Özenalso shows his competence in these issues.

On the return ...

When we asked her impressions, she said that everything was uz very impressive. İzlen Tı I had the opportunity to study the new ropeway in Italy and Austria during the manufacturing stages, ”Özen said.

One of the images that excites Özen was the stage of loading the finished parts to the trucks that will bring them to Bursa for installation.

These materials come to Bursa

Specialized in ropeway and rail systems Levent ÖzenDuring the week, at the invitation of Leitner, he participated in the testing of the new ropeway produced at the plants in Italy and Austria.

During Özen's review, the materials produced as the new ropeway of Bursa were being loaded onto the trucks of Ekol transportation to Bursa for installation.

4 modern station for cable car

For the new ropeway of Bursa, two main stations, 4 stations, were planned. While the new station is being built in the Hotel Zone, Teferrüç station is the second main station and a modern building with its hotel and restaurants will be built.

Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations in the existing system will be rebuilt as modern buildings with the new system.

Levent ozen italy cable car leitner cabins
Levent Özen Leitner Factory


Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ

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