Paving process on Bursa Atatürk Street is ok

Paving process on Bursa Atatürk Street is ok
Metropolitan Municipality teams completed the asphalting works that they started on Atatürk Street with the first lights of the morning.

Sculpture Garage, which will bring quality and comfort to public transportation in the city T1 The last step of the tramway works, as well as the asphalting work on the route, is completed. From the Zafer Plaza, the asphalting works started on 04.00 at Atatürk Street in the morning and were completed with the devoted efforts of the teams. In the scope of the works, the rain water and sewer lines passing over Atatürk Street were renewed by BUSKI teams. Atatürk Street, which had been renovated before the facades of the building, has become the important showcase of Bursa with its renewed face.

As part of the asphalting works to be carried out along the tram line, 11 will start paving on Altıparmak Avenue in July. Statue going to the direction of traffic while the traffic is closed, traffic will be provided in the opposite direction.

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