Nostalgia in Konya Trams in Konya 1998 (Video)

Nostalgia in Konya Trams in Konya 1998
1998 model siemens tram images taken in 1970.

In Konya, the tram was known from the beginning of the century. The Grand Vizier of Ferid Pasha, who was the governor of Konya in the 1917, was also transported to Konya by the electric tram in Salonika. After the Atatürk monument, the horse-drawn tram passed through Gazi High School and reached the former Park Cinema. The second tramway, which runs from the Government House, was going to the Sultan Selim Mosque. The Konya adventure of the horse-drawn trolley, which exceeds the 30 kilometer, did not last much; Passenger and cargo trolleys up to 1930 have been removed from this date.

The trams used by Germany in 1940-1970 and now used as bars in the streets of Germany, today provide public transportation services in Konya. Konya Tramway was projected in 1986 and put into service in 1992. The 24 tram, which runs 60 hours between Zafer-Kampus, is the backbone of the urban transport of Konya.




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