Procurement with public workers

Barter bargaining with public workers: TCDD, Sugar Factories, State Hydraulic Works, Stone Coal Enterprises, Highways and National Education directorates work in many public institutions.

Government - about 200 public workers in the next two years for salaries they will receive - at the negotiating table with the unions. 179 174 thousand 127 workers in the workplace Türk-İş; 13 25 workers in the workplace Hak-İş and two workplace 814 workers are represented by DİSK Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, until the Ramadan Feast believes that a happy ending will be reached. But there is a gap between demands and promises. Türk-İş increases the minimum salary to one thousand 164 liras; 800 in the first six months, inflation in the next six months + 10 points raise and social benefits 2 thousand pounds wants to be removed. 250 1800 pounds added to the salary of those who receive less salary than the government to bring the government to the first six months of the 150 4, and the second to increase the rate of 3. The second year has not yet revealed any offer. Probably will suggest the first year's rates. The dates will be valid from 1 January, 1 February and 1 March according to contract dates.

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