Balçova cable car facilities to open in 2013

Balçova ropeway facilities will be opened in 2013: The 2007-month tender process for the renovation of the ropeway facilities in Balçova, which was closed to operation when it was stated that 'there is no safety of life and property', was prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 14 for the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. The tender, which the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) requested to take corrective action upon objection, remained with STM-Yapıkur Business Partnership from İzmir, which made the second lowest bid. However, this time, the Metropolitan Municipality announced that the company canceled the tender, citing that the company did not fully deliver the documents. Thus, work on the renovation of the facilities that had been closed for about 4 years was postponed. While the municipality started preparations for a new tender, it was stated that the facilities could not be put into service before mid-2013.

Commercial Reputation
The annulment decision caused a discussion between the Metropolitan Municipality and STM-Yapıkur Business Partnership. In the statement made by the municipality, it was argued that the business partnership was invited to make a contract on February 21, 2011, but the firm could not complete the documents specified in the relevant article of the administrative charter, which is the tender document. The municipality officials announced that the tender was canceled by seizing the firm's bid bond according to the provisions of the Public Procurement Law, as the documents in question could not be completed. Izmir-based STM Sistem Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Orhan Yılmaz, claimed that the municipality "messed up the business and turned it into arabic hair". Expressing that after the cancellation decision of the tender, the Metropolitan Municipality made an attempt to turn the letter of guarantee they received from the banks into cash on Friday afternoon without notifying them, Yılmaz said, “This is an act aimed at damaging the commercial reputation of our company before the banks. With this move, the municipality wanted to lynch us, almost damaging our company, ”he said.

Blood feud
Yılmaz said, “The municipality has made such an attempt to damage the commercial reputation of our company as if it was a blood feud. "It is extremely wrong for them to be hostile towards a company from Izmir, even if they are right." Stating that the municipality made a mistake by receiving the documents of the other two foreign companies bidding in the tender in English and German, Yılmaz said, “Our righteousness was proved as a result of the objection we made to the GCC. When we look at the cancellation decision of the tender, it seems that we have a mistake. After all, the letter of guarantee will of course be converted into cash. But the path followed is wrong. We have no missing documents or debts. We brought the matter to the judiciary, ”he said.

"We Will Move Our Factory To Manisa"
Stating that they could not get a result, although they asked for an appointment from Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu many times, STM Sistem Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Orhan Yılmaz stated that they decided to move their factories in Kemalpaşa, where nearly 250 people were employed, to Manisa after the events. Yılmaz said, "It is meaningless to deal with this way of thinking in İzmir anymore."

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