Ordu Deputy Governor Demanded for the cable car cabins

Ordu Deputy Governor Demanded for the cable car cabins
Wherever they are found, there are people who live in Bursa. Abdullah Demir is one of those who live there.
born and grew up in a mountain area on the back side of the mountain to serve the children of Turkey. District Governor in various districts, served as deputy governor in various provinces.
He serves as Deputy Governor of Ordu. His place of duty is the Army, but he doesn't forget the land he grew up in. He is always watching Bursa everywhere.
In order to determine the color of the new ropeway cabins of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, he sent a small information note after the letter we started on the website.
He shared two observations with regard to the nomenclature of cable car wagons.
Ad I saw it in Switzerland, A country flag in each cable car cabin was processed with the name of the country. This attracts the attention of tourists and creates attraction. Bu
In Here, in the Army, in the Army, every cabinet was named after a county and important historical monuments. “

-Was the green-and-white poll in the polled-

Although çok the Gezi Park protests, a new era was opened for local authorities to ask for the public, but the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started it long before the events.
For example, they asked the Bursali on the internet as a survey on the color of the cabins on the new ropeway. In the following days, the survey was removed from the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's web address bursa.bel.tr but according to the information in our ear, more than 50 percent of the respondents wanted the cabins to be green-white.
The percentage of those who prefer red color remained around 40.

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