Ankara's suburban lines enter the track

Ankara's suburban lines enter the railroad: Ankara, 2 after the year is coming to the suburbs. In Ankara, trains run on the Sincan-Kayaş Commuter Line, which has an important place in public transportation.

Due to the construction of TCDD, Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard and Başkentray Project, 1 will restart the Xinjiang-Kayaş Commuter Line on August 2011, 29 will restart from July 2013. Every day, by mutual total 06.00 time between 23.00-154 hours, the train will breathe in the capital traffics, 07.00- where traffic is dense 09.00 and 17.00-19-00 between the hours of 10 minutes, other times to carry a passenger in the 15 minutes. Xinjiang-Kayaş Line was terminated at 1 August 2011 for the suburban flights, the construction of the Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard of the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara and the project of the Başkentray Project. TCDD officials said, e We have made significant progress in Başkentray project so far. Since the remaining jobs will not be an obstacle to suburban flights, flights will start. Kalan

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