Ankara - Niğde Highway Project

The studies on the model to be carried out The studies on the Ankara - Niğde Highway Project, which is one of the highway projects that have been started to be constructed in recent years, but which has not been started yet, is being examined by the Ministry of Development.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; the ministry is also working on the model of the project in question. The Ministry of Development does not look at the realization of the project in the recent years with BOT, the Build-Operate-Transfer model, which is fashionable in high budget projects. Considering the traffic in the area; It is said that the return of the project, which has an approximate length of 342 km, with construction costs, expropriation, guarantees, unexpected costs, interest and reimbursement, may take a very long time. Therefore, it focuses on the feasibility of the project with its own resources. The project can be taken into the investment program of the General Directorate of Highways next year provided that the financing is financed from own resources. So the project will probably cost a lot less. The biggest problem, however, is how to provide financing for the investment cost of about 2,5 billion liras calculated for the project.

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  1. invest exactly in the east, but already there is a need to vote

  2. One day, one of the governments will finish this project, hehehehe