Ankara-Istabul High Speed ​​Train 29 will depart in October

Ankara-Istabul High Speed ​​Train 29 will depart in October
TCDD 1 speaking at the meeting of the provincial coordination board. Regional Director Hasan Gedikli, High-Speed ​​Train and suburban trains 29 will start working in October

The second term evaluation meeting of the provincial coordination committee, which was held twice a year by the Governorship of Kocaeli, was held at the Governor's 100th Year Meeting Hall. While the chairman of the meeting was the Governor of Kocaeli, Ercan Topaca, district governors, department managers and branch managers were also present at the meeting. Governor Topaca made the opening speech of the meeting. INVESTMENTS ANNOUNCED
Topaca said that the total number of projects in public applications is 774, and that a total of 916.574.775.38 TL was invested for these projects. Topaca said, “148 of these projects have been completed. Our 579 projects are still ongoing. We couldn't start our 87 projects. In general management investments, we completed 255 of our 37 projects, but we still could not start our 51 projects ”.

Commenting on the local administration investments, Governor Topaca said, “In local administration investments, we have completed 519 of 111 projects and we have not started 36 projects. 372 of these projects are still ongoing. While we invested 684.972.121,08 TL in total for these investments, we have spent 206.065.335,09 TL of this amount until now. ”

Lastly, “As in the previous periods, Metropolitan Municipality, Special Provincial Administration and ISU are among our major investors. Later, institutions such as the university, Gebze Institute of Technology, Highways and TÜBİTAK also have important investments. When we look at the distribution of public investments by districts, the highest distribution is listed as Izmit, Gebze, Kandira, Cayirova, Golcuk, Kartepe, Korfez, Dilovasi, Derince, Karamursel, Darica and Basiskele.

Speaking on behalf of the State Railways at the meeting, 1. regional manager Hasan Gedikli said, “We will make a total of 10 thousand kilometers within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train project. We are planning to open Eskiheşir-İnönü stages on 29 October. High speed train rails were laid between Gebze, Dilovası, Tavsancil and Hereke, and we continue to install in other places. It will land in the High Speed ​​Train Track. The platforms in the current train station will be demolished and a bridge will be built with the stairs that walk on it.

Manager Gedikli, heralding that the suburban trains will be opened on October 29, said, “It will be possible to reach the high speed train between Kocaeli and Ankara in two hours. Banliyo trains will also be launched on October 29. However, suburban trains will be used on high speed train tracks. When the third line of the high-speed train between Ankara and Istanbul is built, the suburban trains will continue on their tracks. ”

Then Deputy General Manager Asım Öztürk spoke on behalf of the General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Öztürk said, “As our general management in 2023, we have a goal to bring our 64 thousand kilometers road network to a divided road. Construction of Gebze-İzmir Motorway is ongoing. We have 2023 projects in total until 26. 24 projects throughout Turkey to spread, "he said.

Mentioning the works in Kandıra Sapağı, manager Öztürk said, “We work day and night. Now is the best time to work. We have 3 months to finish. The viaducts will cause us a lot of trouble in the winter if we can't do it already. We are obliged to close the direction we carry. On the other hand, we have to go on the road. But we have to do this at this time. ”

When the manager Öztürk said, “It is unlikely that the road to Maşukiye will be completed by the date of August 15 given to us”, the governor Ercan Topaca said, “I went there and examined that road recently. With the work there, I expect the road to be completed on 30 August. Finish that road until August 30, "he instructed. The meeting was later closed to the press.

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