AKER Machine Produces Machine (Video)

AKER MACHINE was first established in 2005 by Ahmet AKÇALI - Muhuttin ÇETİNER in partnership with lığı AK-ER MACHINE Lathe Milling Workshop and Machine Manufacture Roller Bomber and Press Manufacture-. Bombe Machinery Industry Collective Company Muhuttin ÇETİNER and Ahmet AKÇALI Şirketi as a company continues its activities.

AKER Machine Products

Pipe Bending
Guided Pipe Bending
Cord Machine
Wagon Wheel Removal-Fitting Press
Tanker Welding Equipments
Field Tank Submerged Arc Welding Apparatus
Circle Cutting Shears
Form Machine
Hydraulic Units
Argon Welding Apparatus
Mobile Strawberry Greenhouse
Bombe Ironing Press

AKER Machine contact information

Address: Yeşiloba Mh. 46121 Sk. Metal Industrial Site No: 1 / D Seyhan / ADANA
E-Mail: akermakine@hotmail.com / akermakina_01@hotmail.com
Phone-Fax: 0322 4288801
GSM: Ahmet AKÇALI: 0532 5618433 / Muhuttin ÇETİNER: 0532 4942125
Web address : http://www.akermakine.com.tr

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