AK Party Deputy Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz visited the Railway Association

Malatya MP of the AK Party and the Head of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Ömer Faruk Öz stated that the railway workers have always done their work on solidarity and solidarity. Railway Lovers and Volunteers Relief Association visited the following fast-breaking MP Öz, said that the railway has gained more importance every day, railway workers will become the profession again as the profession said.

Referring to the modernization and development of the railway infrastructure of our country Öz said that the place of civil society organizations in this development is important.

MP Öz said, önemli Our country is going through an important period. Unfortunately, some foreign forces who want to prevent the development of our country and our nation are looking for a game. But Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and our government's willed and vertebrate posture, with the support of the public has spoiled the game.

The events, which have lasted for weeks and are still being tried, have nothing to do with the protest. The damage to the tradesmen in the places where the protest is being held is too many to be calculated. There are tradesmen who haven't had a penny in the coffin for weeks and can't pay for the wholesaler. In the name of freedom, it is not possible to burn down, to damage tradesmen, to damage public property and to be taken from below.

We can have different world views, different political views. But our homeland, the state and the unity of the nation and the peace of the nation to be united and not to come to the game of foreign powers is the debt of our neck, Ama he said.

Mr. Nurettin Öndeş, Chairman of the Association of Railway Lovers and Volunteers, received information about the activities of the Association and the members of the Board of Directors.

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