A red cable car on the slopes of the Tophane

A red cable car on the slopes of the Tophane
A few days ago, Ahmet Emin Yılmaz In the corner of our brother, there was an article about the new cable car cabins.

Ahmet Emin shared a proposal by Deputy Governor of Ordu Abdullah Demir…

Demir was from Bursalı and our mountain region.

He saw the survey conducted by the Metropolitan Municipality to determine the color of the new ropeway cabins.

Inspired from there, he made two interesting suggestions.



Painting each cabin in the colors of a separate country flag…

This application has seen in Switzerland Abdullah Bey, especially attracted the attention of foreign tourists, attracted the attraction.

The second proposal;

From the cable car line in Ordu…

When I went to Bursaspor's away game, I got in.

Like our Tophane, Ordu also has a viewing hill called Boztepe.

Beautiful sea view…

The municipality has put a ropeway there, people go up and down with it.

He walks up and down the buildings.

They wrote the name of a district on every cabin on that ropeway.

"Couldn't this be applied in new cabins in Bursa?" says Demir.

Why not…

Somehow the number of districts within the metropolitan area also increased.

Is the promotion of the districts better than this?


Actually, I have a suggestion about the cable car…

Let me share this opportunity.

But mine is not about new cabinets, it's about classic old red cabinets…

I say,

One of the red ropeway cabins identified with Bursa, downloaded from the line, is symbolically located at the center of the city!

For example;

Would it not be nice if he was mounted on Atatürk Street or on the slopes of Tophane?

Not only does it stop, it also adds color to urban tourism…

Come and scrape my offer, Recep President!

We promise you;
If it doesn't draw as much attention as the nostalgic tram, I'll cut it off my hair!

Source: Selahattin ADIGÜZELLER - www.olaygazetesi.com.t is

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