UTIKAD Erkeskin President: On behalf of Turkey and Logistics Industry Important Step Atıldı

utikad made a remarkable explanation about the ordino document
utikad made a remarkable explanation about the ordino document

UTIKAD Erkeskin President: On behalf of Turkey and Logistics Industry Important Step Atıldı
Istanbul Port Authority Miami-Dade Dante B. Fascell Port between the International Brotherhood Ports participating in the Treaty signing ceremony UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, agreement Turkey-US trade relations is developing towards an important step specifying, said the logistics industry of the increase in activity between the two ports would positively affect .

Mr. Mustafa Azman, Deputy General Manager for Maritime Trade, Willy Gort, Miami City Government Representative, J. Eduardo Torres, Director of South Florida Department of Commerce, Charlotte Gallogly, President of Miami World Trade Center, and Ralph Wind-Solar Energy Consulting. A. Calleja and Turkish American Chamber of Commerce Fatih Beyhan, Director of Florida State, and Mr. Turgut Erkeskin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of UTIKAD, represented the Turkish transportation and logistics sector.

The International Sister Ports Agreement, which aims to increase the mutual trade between Istanbul Port Authority and the Port of Miami and to improve cooperation on technical and commercial matters, was signed by Istanbul Port Port President Gani Aygün and Miami Port Intergovernmental Relations Director Eric Olafson.

The agreement aims to increase passenger and freight traffic at ports by anticipating the free and unhindered sharing of information on freight and cruise industries in each port, historical statistical information, planned port infrastructure developments and general market research.

Gani Aygün, who gave a speech after the signing ceremony, gave information about the Turkish maritime trade sector, the economic outlook of Istanbul and Istanbul Harbor Master, and with this agreement aiming to further develop the trade between the two countries, to develop and disseminate mutual understanding and cooperation between ports, technical and both ports will share joint activities and programs to share professional expertise.

Who attended the signing ceremony on behalf of the industry UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, despite ongoing strategic relationship between the US Turkey trade still come to the desired level, said the agreements said maritime activities and trade will lead to the development between the two countries.

Turgut Erkeskin stated that this agreement, which will connect the continents between Istanbul and Miami through ports, will make significant contributions to freight and passenger transportation between the two countries, and that the agreement is important in terms of opening the Turkish transportation and logistics sector to new markets.


Representing the Turkish transportation and logistics sector successfully at home and abroad, UTIKAD emphasizes that it attaches great importance to the agreements to increase cooperation between countries and sectors. UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin said: İK The association is a member of many countries of the world such as European countries. We have agreements with industry associations and port operators in order to develop cooperation among the parties, we are producing joint projects for the future and we are planning to work. These relations and the agreements made contribute to the growth of the Turkish transportation and logistics sector while at the same time enabling our exporters to reach new markets with faster and more competitive costs. Geliştiril

Stressing that the ceremony at the bulunduklarını and Economy Ministry's initiative to establish the Turkish Logistics Centers in the United States in the assessment of the logistics industry with the US delegation Miami-Dade Dante B. Fascell met with interest by the delegation of UTIKAD opinions that could lead the harbor Turgut Erkeskin, "Turkey, As of 2012, the total export volume of 3.82 trillion dollars is low. The links between the logistics centers, ports and airports to be established in the USA will also remove the barriers to the development of trade between the two countries. ABD

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