First train in BALO project will depart from Manisa on 8 September

The first train in the BALO project will depart from Manisa on September 8: The first to transport export products to Europe at 20 percent lower cost than TIR freight within the scope of the 'Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations' (BALO) established under the leadership of the Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO). the train will depart from Manisa on September 8, the date of Manisa's liberation from enemy occupation.

Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) Vice President and MTSO Speaker Bulent Koşmaz the idea of ​​the burden of Anatolia, which makes the paternity was established to move to Europe Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations (BALO) goes into operation in September. The first train in the study, which was first established as Western Anatolia, but was named Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations (BALO) as a result of the interest shown in the project, to cover the whole Anatolia, will depart from Manisa on 8 September. The first train in BALO, which will carry Turkish export products to Europe 20 percent cheaper than the truck freight (transportation fee), will depart from Manisa to Europe with the participation of Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım and TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu.


Bülent Koşmaz, Chairman of the Board of BALO and Chairman of the Manisa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, announced that the project, whose infrastructure investments have been ongoing for a long time, will start operating on September 8, the date of Manisa's liberation. Koşmaz stated that they will cooperate with Express Interfracht, one of the Austrian Railways company, the leading railway company in Europe. Expressing that they have made agreements with very important logistics centers of Europe, Koşmaz; “We have completed the whole organization. We signed an agreement with Austrian Railways, Europe's leading railway company. We will transport to Kapıkule. From Kapıkule, the Austrian Railways company Express Interfracht will take our trains to Germany. With BALL, we will carry the exporter's cost 20 percent lower than a truck freight ”.


Noting that they will commission İzmir, Manisa, Bursa, Eskişehir, Ankara and Konya in the first stage, Bülent Koşmaz said that they will start carrying the cargo of Denizli, Gaziantep, Kayseri and Tekirdağ in the second stage. Stating that they invested 20 million euros in the first place, Koşmaz said; “We are starting with a two-block train for now. 68 wagons will go, 68 wagons will come. The third block train will be activated in two months and the fourth block train will be activated in the next two months. When we come to 2014, we will carry Turkish export products to the interior of Germany with 5 block trains per week ”.


BALO General Manager Hüseyin Isermiş, on the other hand, emphasized that 93 chambers and organizations are partners in the BALO project and said that this project will enable the business world to join forces and the logistics sector to go further. Reminding the instruction of TOBB President Hisarcıklıoğlu regarding the BALO; “Accordingly, we will not do what our chamber members do. We will not rival them. We will receive service from our members. We will receive services such as container storage, transfer center, logistics village from the members. The logistics community will also get a share from this project ”.

Stating that they met with at least 3 different institutions before reaching an agreement with Austrian Railways, Isermiş said that the negotiations lasted 8 months and that at the end of this period, they received the most suitable offer from the Austrians. Stating that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, gave great support to the project, he said, "We felt the support of our minister like a hand on our back".


Freight is collected by rail from various centers of Anatolia. Vehicles shipped from the collection center load the load into the container from the point to be picked up. It is shipped to the load collection center. The electronic controlled container is unloaded. Containers from different regions are sent to the load consolidation center in Bandırma. The loads downloaded here are stacked according to their destinations in Europe. Trains departing from the center pass the Marmara Sea between Bandırma and Tekirdağ. Wagons are connected to the main railway line with the connection line between Tekirdağ and Muratlı. Austria Railways undertake the transportation after Kapıkule.

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