No parking

Let's not park the railway: it is also a way to increase the parks instead of reducing. Sometimes an old railway line can be a wonderful park despite rusty rails. I mean, it's a story of being a beauty queen from ducklings.

In big cities, you need a place to match your soda in the middle of the building. Even if you can't vote in the end, street childhood is like politics! You will choose your team well. Children even know that the street is a kind of parliament. There's a place to play in New York. They're also creating a green space rather than London. If we look at that famous Central Park and say, "Artificial dear." 843 acres a However, the parks are not enough for New Yorkers, an old railway line has been transformed into a park with special initiatives X

The city railway line Highline, built on 1930s, was used up to 1980s. But the demolition was a hindrance. The Friends of Highline (Friends of the Highline) was established and a campaign was initiated to transform this place into a park. Thus, the first steps of a park were suspended in the city. On August 1999, when Joshua David went to a meeting in the Chelsea neighborhood, he thought everyone would agree. But he was wrong! No one but Joshua David at that meeting, except for Robert Hammond. At the end of the meeting they gave each other their cards, they did not anticipate that they would create Friends of Highline. When the mother of Robert Hammond asked his son, imal My son, you took off on this, what are your chances? Unuz At that time one of them was a travel writer and the other was working on a website. And they decided to leave their jobs and save the park.

The two took 10 years to convince the government and local governments to get funds, get permits, and get funding. To throw their fatigue, they wrote the book Gö The Inside Face of the Park Facing the Sky in New York Y. Their story goes back to Giuliani, the old Mayor. Kadar That park that we didn't want so much! Adı He wanted to destroy Highline rather than anyone, 'says Hammond. In fact, the last document he signed two days before he gave his office to Bloomberg was this: 'permission to destroy Highline Hatta.
But Hammond and David have a large circle. “We've let you know how many artists and gay friends we have. Their word is resting. Diane von Furstenberg and actor Edward Norton supported us. Thanks to the financial support of the two, we tried to find out how much legal way to save Highline! Ci The two entrepreneurs guarantee to both the government and the municipality: We will make this a park! Under the auspices of Senator Hillary Clinton, the 18 million was in Highline's safe.

This park is now like a big oxygen room in Manhattan. A railway track where you don't have traffic lights, but walk over the city. The rails are still standing. Sun loungers around the edges, summer fountains for children and adults, where you can stay under the water for several minutes ca It also uses an open-air art gallery. The sculptures are not in the distance of contemporary art and cold. And if you don't mind getting out of a few stairs, you can walk to the park much faster. His address is West 30. Somewhere between Street and Gansevoort Street; not to see lush green. This is the last observation of the David and Hammond duo: uş Those who enter this park are holding hands, they can't do that in the crowd below Ham David

Old train rails in the park
The campaign launched by two neighborhood activists turned into the most popular park in New York. The park, which 4 million people visit annually, runs along the Hudson River. The design of the park is co-signed by James Corner Field Operations, Languages ​​Scofidio + Renfro and Piet Oudolf. The opening date of Highline Park is 2009. The opening date of the second part is also 2011. The length of the Highline railroad is the 233 mileage, but the park has been opened and the ring is about 2 kilometers. The project will be completed with the third and final section of the 2014.

The same project in Istanbul
A project similar to the New York Highline Park project is also for Istanbul. According to the project, which has recently told the details of the Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, the railway and metro lines will be underground. The old commuter line between Yedikule and Sirkeci will be transformed into a park and a walkway, just like in New York.

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