KARDEMIR is establishing a facility to produce wagons

KARDEMIR establishes a facility to produce wagons: Karabuk Iron and Steel Factories General Manager Fadil Demirel said that they will build 200 bin wagons and locomotive wheels with the facility they will build.

Demirel, in a press conference at the factory to produce iron caster 30 acres 140 acres of land to invest in the field, said they started to work for this.

Demirel emphasized the need for the use of multi-feature steel for the railway wheel, “Last week we took a step of a very important investment. We can not be doing the investment of railway wheels in Turkey. We will produce 200 bin wagon and locomotive wheel per year. There is no facility in the region that can build these wheels. There are two companies in Europe. It will be a very modern facility. This investment will bring KARDEMİR to the point that it will make a difference to its rivals. Bu

3 million tons production target

Last 4 3 million tons of investments in the year they signify that they are aiming to produce Demirel, said:

Ik We currently have a million tons of 2 production. Continuous casting activated. With the power plant investment, we got rid of foreign dependency. There's a coke plant investment. It will be operational soon. SIMTER was made, continuous casting, a furnace remained. The contract was signed for the construction of rolling mills to produce high quality round steels. It is a very modern rolling mill, our expectation is high. There will be a rolling mill that makes various steels used by the automotive sector.

This rolling mill will be built on an area of ​​approximately 46 acres. Serious change and transformation in our factory. There are significant investments in the environment. Çevre

Demirel, KARDEMIR sales policy did not lead to unfair competition, sales to everyone on the list, they do not provide any price advantage, said they work in compliance with laws and regulations.

Filyos Port Project

KARDEMİR urgently needs a port, with the completion of the port of Filyos to open the front of the factory draw attention Demirel, ası We use the port of Zonguldak to the end, Bartin Port now started. The Filyos Port Project has now reached a point beyond speech. 'Let's talk now, let's do business' we say. We are ready. Nobody is suspicious that we are our executive organization. When we open our front, we implement it immediately. Not that we need it, we need that port Laf he said.

Strike in ISDEMIR

Demirel, Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factories about the strike, g I certainly do not approve a very bad event. Integrated facilities have a working system, where the intention is too dangerous. The point is unfortunate and sad. These things would pass, but I wish I had reached this point before. My wish is to end the strike. As the market is on the knife, Iskenderun is a new company from the investment. Piyasa

Source : I beyazgazete.co

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  1. Xenon 5-5 in the country before the wagon is produced. Cast steel wagon terlekter of the production before the wheel production is very difficult. Costs, the cost of the world market should not be high.MKE institution would do the wheel.