İZBAN Adds Value to Birdbird and Beet

the izbe
the izbe

İZBAN Kuşçuburun and Pancara added value: İZBAN, which is still under construction, has doubled the land and house prices in Pancar and Kuşçuburun. Investors are almost in a race to buy land from the regions. Mukhtars are very pleased with this situation.

CUMAOVASI Works at Torbalı İZBAN line continue at a great pace. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, while performing the construction of overpasses and stations, on the other hand TCDD tries to complete the electrification and signaling processes. While the works are being carried out quickly, investments in Torbalı center and other neighborhoods have increased. Investors cannot find a plot to buy in the Beet and Kuşçuburun Neighborhood, where İZBAN will pass. Land prices have doubled in these regions, while home and office prices have risen equally. The district headmen stated that their districts had gained value and they were constantly selling houses and land.


The extension of the İZBAN line from Cumaovası to Torbalı was initiated with the groundbreaking ceremony on 7 October 2011. Rails were installed after the infrastructure was completed. A large part of the project, which was carried out jointly by the Ministry of Transport and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was completed. Ministry; While the infrastructure of the project undertakes the construction of the rail, electrification and signaling system, the metropolitan municipality is building the stations with upset passages. The project, which will offer the opportunity to travel comfortably between Torbalı and İzmir, is being completed to a great extent and the feverish work continues at full speed. Torbalı Tepeköy, Torbalı Mahallesi and Pancar Mahallesi will be built at the station which will be built in Kuşçuburun Neighborhood.


This project, which has great importance for both HEM İzmir and Torbalı, adds value to the places it passes. In Pancar and Kuşçuburun neighborhoods, investors have entered the race to buy land, houses and shops. Stating that there is a great mobility in the region, Pancar Neighborhood Headman Özkan Burgaz said, “The fact that İZBAN passed through our region provided great mobility. Our places are not open for development, but people come and buy the parcel parcels. Investments have doubled. When this project is completed and our region is opened to development, Pancar will not be as before. We urgently want our region to be developed, ”he said.

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