Train Accident in France 6 Dead 200 Injured

6 dead, 200 injured in train crash in France:Six people died as a suburban train derailed in the Essonne region in the south of Paris, the capital of France. It was noted that 6 people, 370 of whom were serious, were injured in the 22 passenger train, which was recorded to go from Limoges to Paris.

Departing from Paris's Austerlitz train station, Teoz 3657 was derailed at 17:14 local time at Bretigny-sur-orge Station, which has 7 wagons. Some of the 4 passengers were subjected to high tension by falling on the rails from the departed wagons. Some wagons crossed 370 meter high platforms and fell onto rails on the parallel path. Some wagons were overturned on the passengers waiting for the train on the platforms. It was announced that the accident could be caused by a signaling error.

It was stated that the accident took place on the rail used by the suburban trains of Paris. The statement made by the National Association of Railways of France (SNCF) stated that the accident did not result from excessive speed or collision and the train traveled at 150 km / h during the accident. In the statement made by the witnesses about the incident, it was noted that there were passengers standing on the train. Meanwhile, it was announced that there could still be passengers inside the wagons.

After the accident was heard 300 firefighters, 20 ambulance and 8 helicopter ambulance was sent to the scene.
President François Hollande, who came to the scene with the Minister of Transport Frederic Cuvillier after the accident, said that there were various investigations on the accident. Hollande, where the accident occurred in the absence of any repair work stressed. Hollande, also greeted the sensitivity of the accident after the noted.

It was stated that the accident in Esonne was the biggest train accident after the accident that killed 1988 passengers at the Lyon station of Paris in 56.



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