British Conservative Party of Turkey Friendship Group Meeting

Turkey Friendship Group of the British Conservative Party Conference: Mr. Rayden members to you, the London-based British Conservative Party of Turkey Friendship Group (CFTR - Conservative Friends of Turkey) I am writing on behalf of. Our Group has been operating since 2008 in order to strengthen Turkish-British cooperation in every field. We get the support of the current British cabinet, especially Prime Minister David Cameron. In addition, our founders and members include members of the Conservative Party, members of the House of Lords, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and numerous businessmen, academics, and civil society representatives. To see the full list of our founders, please visit this page:
Please also visit our website for more information:

We have identified CFT's 2013 priority agenda as supporting the development of Turkish-British trade and cooperation. The 2013 Conservative Party, which will be followed closely by both British and world press, will host a business and trade-based business reception that will bring together the Turkish and British business world with the support of the Turkish Embassy between 30 and 17.30 on Monday. Reception from Turkey to our various chambers of commerce, hotels and Exporters associations, representatives of various companies from the energy sector and the textile and apparel industry will participate. We invited businessmen from different sectors from the UK to this meeting. This is why our participants from Turkey, both with British Ministers will also find the opportunity to discuss the opportunities to meet and work with the British merchant. We hope that this reception will contribute to the development of business relations between the two countries and to open up new horizons.

Turkey recorded last year 10 obvious economic and structural developments. Similarly, the railway and the studies carried out in this area showed significant improvements compared to previous periods. We as a group, rayder we see as the most important and valuable members of the institutions and persons representing the railway sector in Turkey. So we will be very happy to see you at the reception where we will perform.
Our reception does not charge a fee for the participants, but in the UK political parties demand money from participants during their annual political conferences because they do not receive government support. In order to avoid a security problem, an online application must be submitted. When we receive a positive approach from you and learn the number of participants, I will help you with details for reference.
Details about our organization are presented below;

Our reception will be held under the roof of the annual British Conservative Party Conference. The British Cabinet and MPs, including Prime Minister Cameron, will attend the British Conservative Party conference as before. In addition, we expect the total number of participants to be approximately 12,000.

Our trade and business-themed reception will hold conferences and meetings where various topics from different sectors such as health, tourism, education, defense and automotive will be discussed and stands will be established. If they wish, Rayder members will be able to attend the meetings before our reception for free. In addition, the UK Finance Minister, George Osborne, will arrange a table where tables will be reserved in return for a certain amount of grants, and upon request from RAYDER members, we make the necessary applications for participation in the meal.

Turkey does come with many times delegation of Trade and minister responsible for Investment, Lord Green, we invited as speakers, we expect a response from him if you can afford not to be over twenty member parliament, one of our speakers, we will notify you when earned this topic certainty.

Reception details

Location: Manchester Central
Room: Cobden meeting room 4
Date: The second day of the conference, 30 September.
Time: 17: 30 - 19: 00

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