Logistics industry needs 50 more than thousand

Logistics sector needs 50 thousand more personnel: Beykoz Logistics Vocational School has brought 2000 graduates to the business world so far. kazannagged.
In the 2023 500 dollars by placing Turkey's export target for the year of billion of logistics services that will support him not only in production also increased in importance. With the growth and globalization of the economy, the increasing need for qualified personnel in the logistic sector is increasing.

Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, which was established to meet this need, to train qualified logisticians and to include them in the sector in a short time, has so far brought 2000 graduates into the business world. kazannagged. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, which is an institution that focuses only on the theme of logistics, designed all its programs to train qualified personnel for the logistics sector, and directs all its energy to this, with the belief that vocational thematic education cannot be performed only on the basis of theoretical knowledge, in order to fill the gap in this field, " It renewed its educational practices with the philosophy of "I'm Learning by Doing" and undertook the task of pioneering the reshaping of vocational education. Giving information about the philosophy of "I'm Learning by Doing", Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Logistics Research Center President Prof. Dr. While telling him that the Tuna system was built on three main basic elements, he explained the structure created for the details of the applied education that the students received.

Professional Skills Development Center: In order to improve the practical skills of students towards the profession, the center consists of a wide range of laboratories and workshops. First stage; Infrastructures such as Mobile Technologies Workshop, Maritime Workshop, Alternative Energies Laboratory, Conventional Energies Laboratory, Logistics and Foreign Trade Laboratory, Rack Service Training Laboratory have been completed and opened to the service of students. Students can do projects related to the sector here.

Simulation Application Platforms: platform Simulation platforms ”, the environments where the real environment is designed through simulation, give users the opportunity to turn theoretical concepts into practice. Thanks to these platforms, interactive learning can be provided in computer environment and success levels of users can be measured simultaneously.

Project / Street Laboratory Practices: In this context, there are practical projects. Some of these projects are carried out with social stakeholders. Bu

Along with the diversification of the logistics sector, the school added niche areas to its education program, thus allowing rare graduates to enter the business world. kazannagged. For example, programs such as Marina Management, Rail Systems Management and programs in which qualified personnel are available in their fields, but trained from departments that are not available in many universities, have yielded positive results. Again, the Energy Facilities Management and Mobile Technologies Programming programs, which were opened for the first time by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, started to provide training in areas where there is a shortage of qualified personnel in Turkey.

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