Rail system project between Zonguldak and Kozlu

Rail system project between Zonguldak and Kozlu
Last week, our article titled tarafından Rail System Yes was sent by the President of the City Council Yesari Sezgin by e-mail.
Mr. Sezgin's assessment on the subject is exactly the same.

Çak Mr. Cakmak

I would like to thank you for your support and comments on our project in Zonguldak - Kozlu. As you mentioned in your article, it is very important for our two Mayors to have a positive approach in this project which involves two municipalities.

Zonguldak, as you put it out in your writing, has problems in decision-making and common sense. This project may be the first project that the city wants and brings together.

Let us implement a project that we want, together with the project of the railway system Zonguldak and Kozlu. Let us contribute to this project together with our project.

I would like to make a correction due to misunderstanding about your article. The total cost of the project is 10 million Tl. 10 million TL will cost an estimated 1 km. The railway system between Kozlu and Zonguldak is estimated to be 4,5 km.

In addition, one of the environmental impacts created by the rail system is to reduce air pollution. The selection of the system working with electricity will contribute to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. In this case, it will be able to reveal the alternative to benefiting from various grant loans for the project.

The support of everyone is important for the realization of the project.

Zonguldak City Council President and City Planners Chamber City Representative Yesari Sezgin 's comments and evaluations of a particular issue is noted.
Let's re-summarize Yeniden
Un The project is the joint project of Zonguldak and Kozlu. Thus, we have contributed to our culture of being able to act together with this project. Böylece
What is the right word! ..
He has written in one of Zonguldak and Turkey, Greece is not the one! ..
Both of these countries ket
In an era where even international joint projects are being implemented, will a joint project be created to establish a toprak rail system “between the autonomous lands of Zonguldak?
Moreover, there is a project prepared in the middle. A project that can be applied in every aspect.
Who would want to go against it!

I would like to thank Yesari Sezgin for the correction of the cost of the rail system project in Zonguldak-Kozlu. We said that the total cost of the project is around 10 million TL; whereas this cost in km. cost ği, the total cost of the project can be around 45 million TL.
45 million TL X
45 trillion with old money Eski
This city of Zonguldak is such "45 trillions" to our country's economy. kazanhe said, the number is not clear…
As Yesari Sezgin says, ği grant funds Sez etc. resources can be found, but none of our state can transfer this resource to Zonguldak.
As long as this project is completely gör Zonguldak's project toplum and we have been able to explain the need to support the community as well as to Ankara.

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