YHT Will Stop at Sapanca or Arifiye

YHT Will Stop at Sapanca or Arifiye
Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir-Konya full-time high-speed train is known. If this does not happen, it will start next time

In its news yesterday, Sakarya Yenigün Newspaper searched for an answer to the question “Will the high-speed train stop at Arifiye or Sapanca”? Here is the news:

“Ankara-Eskişehir, Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir-Konya flights will run between Sakarya-Ankara, as it is known that the high-speed train, which takes place in full, reaches 29 October. If this does not happen, it will start at a later date.

For this reason, the construction of the high-speed train between Arifiye and Eskişehir is fast. According to the tunnel length and cost table in Karaçam, which is planned to go to Sapanca by tunnel passage within the boundaries of our province, according to the tunnel length and cost table, it is decided that the high speed train which will decide to reach to Sapanca is It doesn't stop.

If the tunnel is opened, the exit of Sapanca, which is planned to be at the entrance of Kırkpınar, was announced in Arifiye as the road was taken to Arifiye.

Sapanca Mayor Ibrahim Uslu, said the location of the stop Sapanca, Arifiye Mayor Ismail Karakullukçu also stated that the station will be in Arifiye.

Pamukova was the second stop in Sakarya. In other words, when the high speed train enters our province in Ankara, it will stop at Pamukova and then at Arifiye or Sapanca. When he enters Istanbul, he will stop at Kirkpinar or Arifiye and later Pamukova. So the Pamukova stop is finalized.

Even though the station was built in Kırkpınar, there are many people who think that the train will stop at Arifiye. Because both the AK Party, Sapanca and Arifiye mayors are confused. At least AK Party Provincial President Recep Uncuoğlu, has to make a statement about the high-speed train stop.

In Arifiye, this will make Sakarya most happy. But if in Sapanca, Kocaeli people will benefit more than this stop… Because the train is close to the distance, it was planned not to stop in Kocaeli.

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