The third airport should also be built on the bridge

The third airport should also be built on the bridge
Pegasus Board of Directors Chairman Ali Sabancı, 3 to Istanbul. airport and 3. stated his views on the bridge.

Stressing that both the bridge and the airport should be done, Sabancı said, ks If we are to continue living in this region, the third airport must be built for the development of air transportation. However, the third is to complete the third bridge project in Istanbul as soon as possible to remedy the traffic suffering. Birlikte Adıyaman Young Businessmen Association (AGİD) hosted Pegasus Chairman Ali Sabancı. Sabancı took the floor during the event called u New Generation Entrepreneurship Londra of the Association and said that for this program, Sabiha Gökçen Airport was able to arrive to Bağcılar at 3,5 hour, and people flown to London at 3,5 hour. Stres Nevertheless, as the nervous and stress increases, the morale and motivation are declining. As an entrepreneur, we should not spend our energies on the roads, y said Sabancı. the bridge is definitely made. Sabancı said that some young people should be against such projects with respect. In his speech, Sabancı also mentioned Kanal Istanbul and commented for the Kanal Istanbul project:, Imagination has difficulty taking even my world. Konuş Ali Sabancı also made some evaluations on entrepreneurship. Pointing out that the entrepreneurship rate has doubled in recent years, Sabancı said, X Research has revealed that there has been an increase in the rate of entrepreneurship in our country since 3 to 2009. We are aware of this increase will increase the number of role models in Turkey, we stand behind any kind of structure. "He said. Pegasus Airlines company, who went abroad outside the time describing Sabancı, said: an I am happy to be in a country with a million 100. I saw many investors and companies, half of them from Turkey. Turkey has such a good situation. We need to fill the bottom of this situation economically. It's the duty of entrepreneurs. Ankara, especially our young human resources, we boast. Every year, the 76 thousand young people are trying to get a job to find a job. 800 percent of them, one fifth out of employment. Our mission is to fill the bottom of this tremendous environment in which Turkey, to create the entrepreneurial ecosystem will employ young people. "The event 'Businessman of the Year and Young Entrepreneur of the Year' was awarded.

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