Turkmenistan Afghanistan Tajikistan Railway Construction Begins with the Participation of 3 Country President

turkmenistan afghanistan tajikistan railway started with the participation of the state president
turkmenistan afghanistan tajikistan railway started with the participation of the state president

The first tracks of the 850-kilometer Atamurat-Imamnazar-Akina-Andhoi railway were laid at the ceremony held near Atamurat, which is 123 kilometers from the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat.

Speaking at the ceremony, the President of Turkmenistan Berdimuhamedov, with the implementation of the project in terms of social-economic development is not only limited to participating countries, but also would contribute significantly to the countries of the region, he said. Berdimuhamedov, this project will further consolidate the friendship between countries, he said.

Afghan President Karzai stressed that they would mobilize all the means to complete the construction of the railway in a short time and added that they would complete the construction in less than expected time. Karzai thanked the Turkmen government for its contribution to the initiation of the project for its social and economic assistance.

The President of Tajikistan, Rahman, said that the project, which he described as a "way of life", will make a significant contribution to both regional development and employment in his country. Rahman stated that with the start of the project, the trade volume between countries will increase and economic integration with other countries will be easier.

After the speeches, the presidents of the three countries put the first fee for the railway construction. Turkmen railroaders installed the first rails of the 85-kilometer Atamurat-Imamnazar line. It has been announced that Turkmenistan will also construct the 3-kilometer railway from İmamnazar station to Afghanistan's Akina station. The 35-kilometer Akina - Andhoi line will be built by Afghanistan.

The final stage of the project, which is related to the Tajikistan line was not made any explanation.

A memorandum between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan was signed last March on the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railway project.


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