Turkey-Switzerland Cooperation in Railway Works Ray

Turkey-Switzerland Cooperation in the Railway Works Ray: Important steps are being taken to improve the railway cooperation between Turkey and Switzerland. The TCDD and the Swiss Railway Industry Association will cooperate on the development of passenger and cargo transportation between the two countries, the production, maintenance and repair of railway towing vehicles, technical cooperation and consultancy services.

Swiss Railway Industry Association members (SwissRail Industry Association) and Swiss Confederation Embassy in Ankara Embassy of Economic and Commercial Affairs Urs Wüest, led by Swiss delegation, 11 June 2013 visited TCDD. The Swiss guests, who held a series of meetings with the TCDD delegation headed by Assistant General Manager İsmet Duman, expressed their happiness for the coming together of companies and companies with the same transportation policy. Development of railway relations between the two countries, especially after the official visit to the Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan Switzerland, which expressed more importance in the Swiss Confederation, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey Economic and Commercial Affairs Undersecretary Wüest, said the meeting was very productive.

İsmet Duman, Deputy General Manager, expressed his pleasure to host the Swiss delegation and to get to know the company representatives. Duman, who informed the Swiss delegation about TCDD, stated that they aimed to cooperate on issues such as the development of passenger and freight transportation between the two countries, the production of railway towing-drawn vehicles, maintenance and repair, technical cooperation and training and consultancy services.

After the presentation of the Department of Foreign Affairs, after the interactive negotiation of both sides by the authorities, the interview ended.

Eskişehir was the next stop of the Swiss delegation which completed the talks in TCDD. High Speed ​​Train with outgoing delegation Eskişehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. and found the technical visit to Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. in Adapazari.

Source: TCDD



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