Turkey towards becoming a logistics center

Turkey towards becoming a logistics center
Altunyaldız, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, said, "We urgently need the Logistics Master Plan for 2023 targets."
Customs and Trade Ministry Undersecretary Ziya Altunyaldiz, stated that major developments in Turkey's logistics sector catch, "Turkey is moving towards a globalized found that location as a logistics center in the world," he said.

Altunyaldiz, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), held at the Conference Hall in his speech at the International Logistics Symposium, the countries that want to have a say in the world economy has given great importance to the logistics industry attention, the power of the industry themselves and said that they believe in the capacity.
That within a short time enjoying high growth of the logistics sector in Turkey expressing Altunyaldiz, he said they still find it sufficient. Altunyaldiz, "Turkey, west of world trade, is made of 40 percent and where 11 percent of the world population in Europe, east is where the 25 percent of world trade and is among Asia where the Some 61 percent of the world population. Turkey, found that global position as logistics centers in the world is moving towards becoming "the assessment found.


Turkey in 2023 to 1 trillion dollars on the foreign trade volume of the catch and the world's top 10 largest economies in the record that needs to improve logistics infrastructure to take place Altunyaldiz, 2023 "We need to urgently Logistics Master Plan for goals. Our country needs to prepare a logistics strategy document as soon as possible with the participation and contributions of all interested parties. ”

Underlining that customs practices have a determining effect on costs and competitiveness, Altunyaldız said, “We are carrying out our works in order to achieve our goals we have revealed. We did this together by working together with the industry day and night, but we still have big goals to achieve. ”

Customs and also provide information about the activities of the Ministry of Commerce Altunyaldiz, they switched to electronic summary declaration system in Turkey in the EU and EFTA they make it part of the public transit system implemented in the country and export transactions by launching the undocumented declaration period, reminding that they reduce bureaucracy. Altunyaldız stated that they have also realized the authorized obligation status, “We provide some convenience to our reliable companies with the authorized obligation status. Thanks to this privileged status, we accelerate the flow of goods at the customs and contribute to the formation of secure supply chains on the other. ”

International Transporters Association Chairman Çetin Nuhoğlu stated that world trade has increased rapidly and the logistics sector has a great importance in the increasing trade volume.

Stating that they are making efforts towards the development of the logistics sector, Nuhoğlu stated that they have been striving for the traceability of shipments, competence and quality in logistics services, and the quality of infrastructure connected with trade transportation.

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