The Echoes of Death in TUDEMSAS

The Echoes of Death in TUDEMSAS
The repercussions of the death of a subcontractor company worker in the work accident that occurred in TÜDEMSAŞ continue.
Turkey produces railway wagons in Sivas Railway Equipment AŞ (TÜDEMSAŞ) occurred in progress repercussions of losing his life in the subcontracting company worker from work-related accidents. President of the Public Company Workers Association, Adem Kuru, called the General Manager of the Factory to resign.

Subcontracted workers gathered in front of the factory to protest the incident. Speaking on behalf of the workers, Public Company Workers Association President (KAŞİD) Adem Kuru said that employees working in TÜDEMSAŞ or other public institutions work in a position to face occupational accidents every day. Expressing that they were thinking about the situation of his family while burrowing his deceased friends, and that none of the officials and company owners did not accept the mistake or make a statement, Kuru continued as follows: “We have been in a reproach for years. We do not have job guarantees, we need to recruit staff. It is not suitable for us to work without job guarantee. You see this table today. Reproach from colleagues, a family with 3 children, these are inhumane treatment. They are unfit working conditions. "

TÜDEMSAŞ of Turkey and President of the Association stressed that an institution serving the world dry, "an organization that captures international competitiveness, but how wisdom can not get the workers of job security that minimum wage is running is incapable of an institution." used the expression.


“I hope that the death of our Gaddafi friend will cause precarious work to be eliminated for other workers. I believe here that this institution, which says that we have international competitive power, will take the necessary measures from now on. " KAŞİD President Adem Kuru said: “If the lifting capacity of a crane is 10 tons, if you load 20 tons of load on it, these accidents are definitely inevitable. So, the first thing to do here is that the occupational safety specialist resigns from his job. It is the resignation of the Mr. General Manager from his job and the arrival of an equitable person because it causes imprudence. In this struggle, we will follow the case together with our colleagues. From now on, we do not want to see tears with such accidents neither in Sivas nor elsewhere in our country. ”

On the other hand, the letter 'Work in compliance with the occupational health and safety rules' at the entrance of the factory drew attention.

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