Akçay's “Musical Fairytale Train Ak

📩 27/11/2018 16:47

Akcay in Turkey's first private design with "Musical Tale Train" was both gasoline and electric operation with local and foreign guests, especially children, as well as the focus of attention.

'Akcay Ray called "Musical Tale Train" is the first design in Turkey, the inventor of the project Yavuz Severin, said both gasoline as well as to develop the system further in electrical work can and future years.

The b Musical Tale Train eni which drives Akçay in peace in return for the 3 liras can ride big cars in addition to the children. Sever said that the poor children did not receive any fees, but in the future they decided to develop the system and organize a sample park project and to organize sightseeing tours.

Source: Haber01

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