Third Airport (Animation Video)

Third Airport
3 to be built in Istanbul. 3 aircraft will be able to land at the same time. In full capacity, the 19 airplane will take off at an hour per runway.

Details about the new airport to be made in Istanbul began to appear. Prepared by the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications' Istanbul Area 3. The airport EIA Report contains important details about the study. Infrastructure Investments General Directorate of the Ministry to conduct studies, to be held in Istanbul on the European side and Arnavutkoy Eyup Districts. The project area is located on an area of ​​76 million 500 thousand square meters. According to the land use of the project area 6 thousand 172 hectares of forest, thousands 180 hectares of mining and other uses, 660 hectares Gölalan Thani, 236 hectares of pasture, 60 hectares of dry farming (nadassız), 2 hectare per cent xnumx'lik of heathland areas and project areas (2,47 hectares part private property land.


Istanbul Region 3. Airport main runway project, Total 6, 4 Total planned construction of taxiways and the apron of the runway. Project inside and outside terminal building and of all other necessary facilities for the airport (input control building, technical block towers, DHMİ service building, fire station, business machines and car garage, police department, the regulator building, power center, heating center, water tank, customs building, etc.).

The increase in passenger demand with the assumption would be directly proportional to the population growth in Turkey will be built in stages the number of potential passengers to be transported in the future the airport's full capacity to reach annual 150 million passengers (outbound and inbound passengers sum) is scheduled to be.

The airport will be built in a way to serve the world and the largest aircraft that can simultaneously 3 aircraft landing or takeoff

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