Hani will be the center of YHT

Hani will be the center of YHT
Yesterday, we shared with you a detailed news about the railway investments announced by the Ministry of Development. Our news was particularly disappointing. Because I am a journalist who has been making news for over a year on the railway line, and I have heard so many words and explanations that Eskişehir will be the center of YHT.
I even wrote in the mouth of high-level officials that every 6 minutes in Eskişehir, YHT will pass YHT line. However, when the development plan was announced, it turned out that the event was not so at all. While thinking about these, AK Party Kütahya Deputy Kinay2in relieved me a little bit of an explanation. Kinay said, “In order to connect Istanbul to İzmir within the scope of YHT Project, the construction of the 140 km line between Eskişehir-Kütahya-Afyonkarahisar is sufficient.”
I hope that this statement will be followed and the cooperation between Kütahya and Eskişehir is realized in this project as we are used to seeing frequently. Because this project is important for the accuracy of the promises given earlier.
Or I'm really going to feel fooled.

Source: www.2eylul.com.tr


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