Fire in scrapyard on land belonging to TCDD scared

Fire in scrapyard on land belonging to TCDD scared
Izmir's Alsancak District, Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) at the junkyard of a yet unknown reason, the fire was caused panic.

Turkey's second oldest railway station, which is located in Alsancak in the evening in the junkyard land belonging to the railway company behind the Station fire broke out in a yet unknown reason. Noticing the black smoke rising due to the fire that started in the scrap pile, the people around and the security officers of TCDD reported the situation to the firefighters. Firefighters who came to the scrapyard sprayed water and foam into the flames. After about an hour of operation, the fire was barely controlled. The fire in a large scrap yard was extinguished before it could spread to other parts. Police launched an investigation into the fire.

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