TCDD Region 1 Arifiye - Pamukova 2nd Line Project Extremely low questioning of companies participating in the tender for electrification construction and rehabilitation of the existing line in accordance with 160 km / h speed continues.

The extremely low interrogation of the companies participating in the tender for the Electrification Works and the Rehabilitation of the Existing Line of the Line of Arifiye - Pamukova 1nd Line 15 km / h, whose proposals were collected on April 2013, 2 by the 160st Regional Directorate of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), continues.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The works are expected to be completed within this week and the tender will be finalized. The firms bidding for the tender, whose approximate cost was determined as 12.997.360 lira, were as follows.

  1. Contact Emre directly
  2. E + M Electric - Aykon
  3. Sanvar İnş.- Detvar İnş.
  4. Ultra Technology
  5. Contact Usluel directly
  6. Savronik System
  7. Inabensa Construction Energy

Source : Investments


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