Union Heads Traveled by Name

Union Heads Traveled by Name
Turkish Work Provincial Representative and Railroad-Business Branch President Cemal Yaman joined the ADARAY expedition with union representatives. Stating that they are happy that Sakarya regained the sound of the train months later, Yaman said that the route should be further developed and extended. Türk-İş Provincial Representation and Railroad-İş Branch President Cemal Yaman, Türk Metal Sen Sakarya Branch President Şahin Kaya traveled in ADARAY with union representatives affiliated to Türk-İş and workers affiliated to the union. Citizens about flights from Adapazarı to Arifiye sohbet Yaman stated that the urban rail system project is an economical, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation service and said, “We are very happy on behalf of our union that the rail systems have started their voyages in Sakarya, an organized city. As a result of our consultations with our local administrators, we have stated before that the rail systems must be implemented. In time, we want to establish new connection roads and reach our districts. We think that the rail system transportation to be implemented with land vehicles in the direction of 1. Organized Industry -Erenler-Sakarya Street-City Center and Ozanlar direction will be important in terms of eliminating the traffic congestion in the center of our city. We would like to thank the representatives of TCDD, especially our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Zeki Toçoğlu, and all the officials and staff who contributed to this innovative project in the name of serving the public ”. Yaman also noted that the system, which started the voyages, should be extended to the train system quickly, "The start of the Adapazarı train with the Ankara-Istanbul train services, which will be opened after October 29, is our biggest expectation and the people of Sakarya." Yaman also signed the protocol between the Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. He underlined that the light rail system is planned to go up to Sapanca as required, and that the system should be further developed in Sakarya. Welcomed by a 50-person Demiryol-İş Union member in Arifiye, the team returned to Adapazarı again with ADARAY.



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