RaillyNews ve TeleferikHaber our magazines are published!

Özen Technical Consultancy as Media Group RayHaber In addition to our magazine, you can also find all kinds of news innovations about rail systems in English. RaillyNews The first issue of our magazine was published. The cover issue of our first issue succeeded a challenge and produced the local tram vehicle. Durmazlar company Silkworm and Hüseyin Durmaz who signed it.

RaillyNews our magazine will be published quarterly. The original language is in English, and there are also translations in French, German, Spanish and Russian. Our magazine, which is an international magazine published in 5 languages, will be distributed in fairs, seminars and conferences that we are the press sponsor. You can also subscribe to our magazine, which you can access as an e-journal.

You can also access news from the cable car sector. TeleferikHaber is online in our magazine. Our cover of the first issue of our many successful projects, assign Leitner company in Turkey. The magazine, which will be published twice a year, has been prepared in English and Turkish.

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