Psychological pressure on civil servants in TÜDEMSAŞ

Psychological pressure on civil servants in TÜDEMSAŞ
Following the Mobbing allegations in the foundations, the psychological pressure of the officers working in TÜDEMSAŞ came to the agenda. TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Director Bilal Nailing the officers who completed the 30 year by calling the individual room, retired to make directives, otherwise it is stated that the task places will be changed.

The privatization of TCDD and its affiliates under the name of Liberalization is still on the agenda. After the AK Party officials and the National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, the privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ'ın not register on the agenda and then the authorities to retire officials of the allegations of the authorities sat on the agenda.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager deputy Bilal Nailing and working in the year of 30 officers have applied to the mobbing allegedly put pressure on their retirement. After the allegations of mobbing in the Regional Directorate of Foundations, TÜDEMSAŞ has been on the agenda.

TÜDEMSAŞ Deputy General Director Bilal Nailing and working in the office where the occupants of 30 year by calling the individual was expressed. Deputy General Manager stated that they tried to persuade these officers to retire, threatened by the discourse that if they do not retire to different units stated that they would be shifted.

As it is known, the so-called liberalization, which is on the agenda of the railways, has been encouraged by retired civil servants. The bill for the liberalization of the railways requires the retirement of compulsory retirement from age to retire those who work in this sector and who refuse to retire; 3 25 5, 30 5 40 year, XNUMX XNUMX more than XNUMX more than the year had come to the agenda.

Despite these bonuses, the officers who did not want to retire started to be subjected to psychological pressure. Bilal Nailer's one-on-one interviews with police officers and his psychological pressure were also reacted by the officers here.

While the reaction of TÜDEMSAŞ to the privatization of the province is increasing day by day, some say that privatization is postponed after the elections to be held next year.

The privatization of the Kangal Thermal Power Plant in the previous months has been realized and the privatization of TÜDEMSAŞ will be a great loss for Sivas.

On the other hand, in a recent visit to TUDEMSAS, National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz said in his statements that the privatization of TUDEMSAS was not on the agenda.


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