Were the 60 thousand signatures for the Pink Metrobus six or six?

Were the 60 thousand signatures for the Pink Metrobus six or six?
Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Selman Esmerer reacted to the fact that Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, did not take any steps regarding this issue despite the 60 thousand signatures collected for the launch of the Pink Metrobus flights.

Despite the signing of the 60 thousand signatures for the launch of the Pink Metrobus voyages, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş reacted against this issue and did not take any steps. Saadet Party made a statement to Istanbul Province President Selman Esmerer Doğruhaber. Esmer Topbaş, rağmen Despite the 60 thousand signatures, this is the Sumerian six, mer said Esmer.

Difficulties in public transport, one of the biggest problems of Istanbul, continues. People who have to use the BRT lines are experiencing great problems with the intensity experienced. Especially the families who travel with their families and the women who are using BRT live big problems. In order to enable women to travel more comfortably in this density experienced by metrobuses, the proposal of the launching of Pink Metrobus flights that women could make separate journeys by the Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency was presented to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and this proposal was supported by the members of the municipal council. Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate, Pink Metrobus proposal to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality after submitting the petition to the public with the signature campaign. The 60 thousand signatures were collected for the Pink Metrobus and sent to the Metropolitan Municipality. However, despite the 60 thousand signatures, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş did not take any steps on this issue.


Comments made on social media are interpreted as un the point where human dignity is trampled and humanity ends, ayak Launching a petition campaign for the launch of the Pink Metrobus flights, the 60 gathered thousands of signatures. The Istanbul Provincial President Selman Esmerer reacted to the fact that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş did not take a step for this.

Mayor Kadir Topbaş'ın 60 thousand despite the signature Sümen sixth that expresses the Esmerer, "Kadir Topbas, I would solve this problem by multiplying the number of metrobus lines," he said. But after making that statement, he didn't bring back this. When people go to work in the morning and in the evening, they are forced to travel in a way that is unworthy of human dignity. Increasing the number of metrobus does not offer a solution. If there will be a tightness, the ladies can travel in their own way. We offered such a solution. We conducted a scientific research on this. The current BRT lines are used at the maximum point. If you increase the number, there are also problems. Metrobus is completely locked when there is an accident on the Metrobus line.


Kadir Topbaş'ın refrain from reacting to the 60 thousand signatures despite the steps to make the Pink Metrobus Esmerer not take a step, yönelik Kadir Topbas, if he does not approach this rağmen haremlik-selamlık metrobüs ği denying this fear. Pink Metrobus is a positive discrimination against women. There are other countries where men and women travel separately. For example, there are similar practices in Japan, Russia and many European countries. Örneğin


Esmerer stated that the managers should take into consideration the demands of the people and said, ifade I need to break one side and take into account the demands. 60 collected a thousand signatures for this. This is a democratic right. Managers need to take into account the Islamic and humanitarian demands of the people. It wouldn't suit us to go and break things. We do not think of such things that we should not be in a situation to ignore our views, "he said.

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