Nostalgic Tram Collide with Bus in Bursa

Bus and Nostalgic Tram Collide in Bursa: Private public bus and nostalgic tram collided in Bursa. After the accident, the teams worked hard to set the tramway that was derailed.

According to information obtained from the accident, the central Osmangazi district Kayhan Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi and İnönü Street occurred at the intersection. In the morning 07.30 hours, Incirli-Victory, the tram that makes the excursion and the special public bus that could not get the plate collided at the intersection of the street. As a result of the efforts of the police dispatched to the scene, there was no problem in the traffic, and the municipal teams made an effort to put the tram off the track after the accident. Some curious citizens followed the work of municipal teams.

The tram was put on the rails and the tram was taken from the accident area. Which is the vehicle that causes the accident, MOBESE cameras will be determined after the examination.

Source: Media73

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