Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa Railway Route Discussed

Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa Railway Route Discussed
A consultation meeting was held with the participation of the relevant authorities on the transition route of the approximately 79 km Mürşitpınar-Şanlıurfa Railway Project.
To the consultation meeting held in the Governorship Meeting Hall; In addition to Governor Celalettin Güvenç, TCDD General Manager Asst. İsa ApaydınPresident of TCDD Production Department İsmail Murtazaoğlu, Rector of Harran University İbrahim Halil Mutlu, Chairman of ŞUTSO Sabri Ertekin, Evren Sanayi Sitesi Chairman Mustafa Arslan and circle supervisors participated; After the presentation, ideas were exchanged on the places where the rail network would pass.
Assistant General Manager of TCDD İsa ApaydınGovernor Celalettin Güvenç, who made a speech at the meeting, which was also attended by; Expressing that the High Speed ​​Train Project to Mürşitpınar, OSB, Şanlıurfa, University, Airport and Diyarbakır has started, “We had the first negotiations about this and stated that it is essential to ensure the easiest connection of the railroad from Müşritpınar to the logistics center of the Organized Industrial Zone. . Today, contractor company representatives, our Deputy General Manager of Railways and our Head of Construction Department are here. They want to consult on the transit route of the railway. We invited our Rector, Chamber of Commerce President, Organized Industry Regional President and Evren Industrial Site President to the meeting, and our corporate chiefs will hopefully do an efficient work here. We will make suggestions for passing the points that will provide the needs of the city in the most rational way with maximum benefit ”.
After the statement of the Governor Guvenc, the authorities, Sanliurfa-Mürşitpınar line of approximately 79 is a project in length, expressing the environment in the project approach, natural habitats, zoning plans, land use areas, said they evaluate all of them. Authorities, according to the data said they work in different alternatives.

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