Egyptian Deputy Minister of Transport Mousa Tuvasaşı

Egyptian Deputy Minister of Transport Mousa Tuvasaşı
Deputy Transport Minister Mohamed Ragab Egypt Mousa Mousa, said they are aiming to develop cooperation between Turkey and Egypt in the rail vehicle sector.
Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. 's (TÜVASAŞ) visiting Mousa, had a meeting with General Manager Erol Inal TÜVASAŞ.
Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU General Manager Bekir Gezer also spoke at the meeting where Mousa, recently expressed that they aim to develop cooperation between Egypt and Turkey in the rail vehicle sector.
Insal said that strengthening the commercial ties in the railway sector with Egypt, which they have a common history, would make them happy.
In the preliminary interviews where mutual cooperation opportunities were reviewed, joint studies between the two countries in the field of rail vehicles were evaluated.
TÜVASAŞ General Manager İnal, Egyptian delegation presented detailed information about the operation of the factory.

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