Mimar Sinan Mosque asked for cement based on 500 years Marmaray 110 year-long

Mimar Sinan Mosque asked for cement based on 500 years Marmaray 110 year-long
PRIME MINISTER Tayyip Erdoğan asked Ahmet Eren, President of Cement Industry Employers Union and Chairman of Eren Holding Board of Directors, at the meeting at Al-Aman Han in Bitlis, 2 years ago:
- How old is this inn?
- It has a history of 500 years.
- Even then, structures that could survive for 500 years were revealed. Why can't you cementers go beyond lasting 70-80 years?
Ahmet Eren, the Prime Minister said that dialogue between the Cement Manufacturers Association of Turkey (CBRT) sohbet President of Oyak Automotive and Cement Group remembered the words of Celal Çağlar, Deputy Chairman of TÇMB.
Caglar, a journalist friend of our cement production, "a rough job," said the answer on the answer:
- As Oyak Çimento, we gave the cement-concrete of the Mimar Sinan Mosque in Ataşehir. This is a product with a life span of 500 years. The cement sector has completed its innovation and has created its own know-how.
The mosque, which was planned to be built in Istanbul Camlica, gave an example:
- The construction has not started yet, but for the mosque to be built in Çamlıca, cement-concrete, which has a life of 500 years, will also be given by Oyak Çimento.
He reached out to another important project:
- We also gave the concrete used under the sea of ​​Marmaray that will connect the two sides with a tube passage under the Bosphorus. These are very special products developed by the Turkish cement industry.
- How long is the life of the product in Marmaray?
- There was a 110-year life requirement.
- 500 years for the mosque, 110 years for Marmaray. Why so?
- That's the specification in Marmaray. The concrete there was also developed with very special formulas. As of October 29, 2013, crossings will begin through that tunnel. We will see the quality of the material together.
Celalettin Çağlar returned to Hakan Gürdal, Member of the Executive Board of TÇMB and General Manager of Akçansa:
- Akçansa also produces the concrete of the feet of the 3rd bridge.
Gurdal, took over the promise:
- Impermeability of concrete is important. There are different environmental effects. Proximity to the sea, the condition of the ground water, the level of alkalinity in the aggregate are all factors that will determine the strength of concrete. We developed the most suitable concrete for those feet with aging tests.
The ages have intervened:
- We set out with a rough cement industry. We continue our way with a concrete industry that will teach the world.
Ahmet Eren carried the word to Oyak's structure:
- The government apparently trusts the army on concrete.
Caglar appealed to Eren's joking comment:
- This job has nothing to do with the army.
TÇMB President Mustafa Güçlü concluded with the point reached by the Turkish cement sector:
- The Turkish cement industry is ahead of Europe in terms of technical competence it has reached.
Will the technical superiority achieved by the Turkish cement sector suffice to reduce life losses in earthquakes?
We are exceeding the world average with 750 weight cement per person

TÇMB Chairman Mustafa Strong, xnumx'yl 2012 percent growth in the sector, has said that Turkey's growth remained below:
- We experienced a 3 percent growth in the first 30 months of this year, far above expectations. Seasonal conditions were very bad in the same period of last year. However, we do not yet know how much of the growth is due to the seasonal effect.
Then 4, which has not yet been finalized, mentioned the monthly results:
- Our growth in the first four months of the year is 4 percent. These data indicate that we can reach 20-2013 percent growth in 7.
2012 said the 57 million tons of cement were consumed in the domestic market:
- Per capita cement consumption is at the level of 750 kilos. This figure is well above the world average of 500 kg.
He gave an example from China:
Per capita cement consumption in China is 1400 kilos.
- Height of falling cement consumption per capita in Turkey is not concreted mania signs?
He gave a strong example of urban transformation while responding:
- The height of cement use should not be considered as concreting. Let's not forget that the solid structure protects human life in earthquakes.
250 million Euro investment in environmental and energy saving
TÇMB President Mustafa Güçlü emphasized that there is more capacity in the Turkish cement sector:
- In 2012, besides the production of 57 million tons in the domestic market, 13.6 million tons of export was realized. The total production capacity of the sector will reach 2015 million tons in 110. In fact, the market is no longer in a position to handle investments that will bring new capacity. However, we see new investments due to competition.
He noted that a significant portion of the sector's investments in the next period will be directed towards the environment and energy saving:
- More than half of the investments aimed at improving the flue filters in the sector have been completed. We have facilities that reduce the waste from the chimney to less than 10 milligrams per cubic meter. 120 milligrams came here. The cost of a bag filter investment is 7-8 million dollars.
He shared the general figure for the sector:
- In 1 year, the total of investments aimed at increasing environmental awareness and lowering energy consumption in our sector will reach 250 million Euros.
Examples of energy savings include:
- It is possible to obtain electricity from the heat we release into the atmosphere. We are now making investments for this. If the entire industry makes this investment, we will be able to meet 20 percent of our annual electricity consumption from here. The annual monetary value of this is 280 million liras.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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