Test Drive in Marmaray 1 in August

Test Drive in Marmaray 1 in August
4.3 9 '95' 1 continued the construction of the 'Marmaray Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project' XNUMX'in completed. The test runs will start in XNUMX in the project, where all line work is finished and the tracks are laid.

It is now called as. ASRIN Project N and the end of the 29 October Republic Day will be opened in Marmaray. 2004 of the project, which was started in 95, was completed. Construction of the foundation of 2004 in August,
2009 was in operation in April. The archaeological studies between Yenikapı and Sirkeci led to the extension of the opening 4 years.


Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk Ibrahim Ozmen, Marmaray Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project is planned on the 13,6 kilometer route, said: ay There are 5 stations on this route. The drilling section in the sea is 1.4 kilometers, while the other part is 9.8 kilometers long. Line work was finished, rails were laid, scissor placement work was completed. Hat Özmen said that the line works are at the level of 99 as of the moment: elektrik Cabling studies and installation works related to the electrical and signaling works of the system are continuing. The target is to complete all the works by the end of July and to start the test drives on the line at 1. 365 vehicle production is completed. Some of the vehicles are in Haydarpaşa, while some are in Edirne gar. The system was energized for experimental purposes.

2 thousand 550 people worked

Within the scope of the BIM Convention, MARMARAY Project has worked as 2 bin 550 people, engineers, architects and workers. 835 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 145 thousand tons of iron were used in the project. To this day 3 billion 21 million 389 thousand 952 dollars spent the total cost of the project 4 billion 308 million 636 thousand 815 dollars.

20 one thousand people viewed

Marmaray, has attracted the interest of foreign dignitaries coming to Turkey. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 2007 descended to Marmaray and examined the works on site. The Bulgarian President and the Crown Prince of Japan, the Prime Ministers of Baden-Württemberg and Germany and the foreign ministers of 25 visited Marmaray. The number of those who visited the system to date was calculated as 20 bin.

London to connect with Beijing

PRIME MINISTER Tayyip Erdogan, Marmaray'a recently said in a statement, açık See if we had not been shot from the inside, 4 would open Marmaray years ago. But they shot us from the inside, we didn't finish. 29 will end in October. 29 In October, I hope we will open the Marmaras and connect London to Beijing in.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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