Logistics Will Reach to 2023 Target by Liberalization

Logistics Will Reach to 2023 Target by Liberalization
CEVA Logistics, the world's leading supply chain management company, also plans to enter rail transport this year.
CEVA Turkey General Manager Fuat Adora said, "Combined transportation is the most economical form of transport, the law needs to be removed as soon as the liberalization of the railways for the growth of the sector." said.

Ceva Logistics, aiming to grow by 2013 percent in 20, is planning to enter rail transport this year as well as international road transport. That more than 90 percent of the freight carried by road in Turkey expressing CEVA Turkey and the Balkans The General Manager Fuat Adora, stresses that the combination of the most economical freight transport in the international markets. "Railway in Turkey, sea and air to effectively use should be adopted combined transport concept," said Adora The European Union firms for the development of the sector (EU) and other countries say it should be included in the global logistics network enabling integration in general.


Turkey's 2023 targets of the logistics industry in new accounts made effective in stating that Adora, the development was as follows: "Entering in 2023 among the world's top 10 economies and approximately $ 1.2 trillion trade volume to reach the target, the logistics industry as broad repercussions in all sectors of the movement spent. The attainment of such a capacity to shoulder the huge trade volume, Turkey has become the most important priority for the logistics industry. With this goal, which means a quadruple growth of the current foreign trade volume, it is estimated that the logistics potential will also increase and the logistics market will triple in 2023 compared to today. In the growing logistics market, road transport is expected to increase two and a half times, and rail and maritime transport four times.


World trade and import / export has changed the balance Fuat Adora stressed, while noting that raise the possibility of Turkey's logistic base of these changes. Reminding that it requires developing modes of transport linked to sea, road and airways, Adoran says that port and rail connections are essential. Railways of the liberalization process in Turkey achieve its 2023 targets is extremely important and strategic issue Adora emphasized that the railways of full competition in line with the country's wounds argues that liberalization in an appropriate manner. Adoran's suggestions on this issue are as follows: “The liberalization law should be passed as soon as possible. The transition process to be experienced in practice should be regulated without violating the competition of public and private sector organizations and the principles of equality. Liberalization law and legislation should be prepared within the framework of predictability. In other words, important issues such as what legal regulations will be, when and how infrastructure investments will be made should be clearly framed. It should be ensured that Tcdd or the institution to be established in its place is in a structure that is suitable for free competition environment and is dominated by economic rules and principles. The law and relevant legislation should be created with the principle of preventing an operator from dominating the market.

All certification and licensing processes in the liberalization process should be ensured by competent and independent organizations. The compatibility of railway infrastructure investments and industrial development plans should be considered. Organized industrial zones, ports. free zone planning and railway infrastructure depositors should be carried out in parallel. Issues such as customs practices, terminals and inter-shipments arrangements and guarantees that slow down or interrupt the logistics flow should be removed from daily operational problems and should be regulated in parallel with the relevant legislation.

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