Local Tramway Silkworm is on the agenda of all municipalities


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that local goods trams are on the agenda of all municipalities and that the ministry also imposes a 51 percent local requirement on imports as a result of Bursa's efforts.

Burhan Sakallı, Mayor of Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, visited Sıtkı Karaca, the head of the MÜSİAD Eskişehir Branch, and Recep Altepe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

Stating that Bursa has realized an investment that will inspire the Turkish industry especially with the production of domestic trams and they came to Bursa to see this investment on site, Odunpazarı Mayor Burhan Sakallı said, “We are following the works of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with great interest from Eskişehir. The main reason for our visit is to see the 'Silkworm' on site, which the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented in cooperation with the private sector. Although there is an infrastructure in this area in Eskişehir, this study could not be realized. This is an important work that can be described as the 'silent revolution' of Bursa in the near future. I congratulate those who contributed, especially our Metropolitan Mayor. ” said.

MUSIAD Eskisehir Branch President Sıtkı Khan is the most important items that create the energy of Turkey's current account deficit, and then told him it was ahead of high-tech products based on imports. Shutting down the current account deficit for high-tech products are produced in Turkey, voicing the importance Khan, "to be produced in Turkey of light rail vehicles that require advanced technology is an important gain in this sense. Also, certification of high-tech vehicles such as aircraft and tramway is a very difficult process. Bursa has also achieved an important work by achieving certification. Good luck for our country for Bursa. ” he spoke.

Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe also that Turkey is a country that target, while countries with targets by specifying that it must produce urban brands to the country of generating local tram in Bursa, a city with targets stressed that a significant gain.

Stating that they are mostly interested in urban furniture as local governments, rail system vehicles are on the agenda of all cities today, saying, “Because these vehicles purchased from abroad are paying big money. As soon as we took office, he said, 'We should definitely produce this locally.' Although we did not believe much, we achieved this in a short time like 3 years. The tram, which was produced under the direction of industry of our Metropolitan Municipality, has world standards and all its certificates were received. The company that produces the tender we have received has also received and local trams will be on Bursa streets by the end of this month. With the efforts of Bursa in this field, the Ministry also imposed a 51 percent local requirement on imports. In addition, the company, which produces the domestic tram, has now started to construct Europe's high speed train infrastructures. This work brought a different dimension to the industry. ” he spoke.

At the end of the visit, Mayor Altepe presented the Mayor of Odunpazarı Burhan Sakallı with a handmade Bursa knife in memory of the day.

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