Kütahya and High Speed ​​Train

Kütahya and High Speed ​​Train
AK Party deputy Kutahya and KIT (State Economic Enterprises) Commission Member Hasan Fehmi KINAY, TCDD's KIT Commission Negotiations, Kutahya High Speed ​​Train Arrival and Kutahya TCDD Logistics Center Establishment of the agenda was raised.

Eskişehir - Antalya YHT line, which is in the project phase, will pass through Kütahya. Same
the project will also link Istanbul and Izmir. Within the scope of the YHT Project, the construction of the 140 km line between Eskişehir - Kütahya - Afyonkarahisar is sufficient for Istanbul to connect with İzmir. As part of the ongoing projects, Istanbul's connection with İzmir will be one of the most important projects in the history of the Republic.

On the other hand, the establishment of a Logistics Center in Kütahya Alayunt
KİNAY stated that these two projects are of great importance for the development of Kütahya.

If these two projects are realized, Kütahya will move forward in terms of Railways and become a Regional Logistics Center.

HASAN FEHMİ KİNAY (Kütahya) Other Places of Interest

Distinguished members of parliament, respected managers of the State Railways; I am all of you
I respectfully greet you.

I hope that our meeting will bring good luck to our country, especially the State Railways. I know that Kütahya had many demands about these logistics centers. I know that Kütahya Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Special Provincial Administration, and the current organized industrial zones - demanding the establishment of a logistics center, already knowing the opportunity of the State Railways to be drawn. In this regard, the State Railways has reached a conclusion on the criteria of feasibility or not.
I wonder about that.

Kütahya is a province that, as you know, is located in a regional airport, about two and a half to three hours by road from metropolitan areas and metropolitan areas. Owned transportation network on the one hand the State Railways, on the other side of the airway and the metropolises in terms of roads, from Antalya to Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, Turkey's population of appealing to about 70 percent, so its position as I wonder why, even though it is convenient, this is our competence in infrastructure related to logistics center.
not feasible though? Is there any indifference to Kütahya, neglect or a prejudice against Kütahya? On this, I would like to know, obviously, what criteria we are evaluating.

On the other hand, high-speed train in about a truly remarkable breakthrough in Turkey. When we look at the investments made since 2010 and extending to 2023, we know that the EskişehirAntalya line is also planned. When the 140 kilometer line, Eskişehir-Kütahya Afyonkarahisar and 140 kilometer line are connected, considering the roads that are currently under construction, we can obtain the possibility that Istanbul and İzmir, two big metropolitan cities and two big metropolises can be merged.

Can you give us a priority as the State Railways on the completion of the first line between Eskişehir-Antalya and the Eskişehir-Afyonkarahisar line? I would like to inquire about these issues.

Thank you very much.

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