Konya Alaaddin Courthouse Tram Line Tender Will Be Made

Konya Courthouse Alaaddin Tram Line
Konya Courthouse Alaaddin Tram Line

The tender for Alaaddin Courthouse Tram Line will be on July 1, 2013. Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek gave good news about Konya Museum, Live Mevlevihane Museum and Alaaddin Courthouse Tram Line.

The Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek, who gave a lecture on ane Municipalities' Contribution to the City in Vocational and Social Education Ad within the scope of KOMEK Golden Touches-Güldeste Exhibition and Feast, gave the gospel regarding Konya Museum, Live Mevlevihane Museum and Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line. Completed the project, Konya 1 million new visitors will attract Konya Museum, Ali Ulvi Kurucu Street and the intersection point to be made at the intersection of emphasizing the President Akyürek, Konya for the first time said the Mevlevihane Museum Live. President Akyürek, the Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line tender will be held in July 1 also gave the good news.

In his speech, Mayor Akyürek emphasized that the tender for the Alaaddin-Adliye Tram Line will be held on July 1, and stated that the most advanced rail system in the world, which is catenary-free, wireless, pole-free, charging at the stop, will serve in Konya.

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