Rent a train, whether a picnic, wedding, company meeting if you want

Rent a train, whether a picnic, wedding, company meeting if you want
'Black train is delayed, maybe never come' with a string of folk songs in many countries developed the train journey is among the popular means of transportation. High-speed train technology was driving at a dizzying pace, and in recent days, the test of magnetic trains was carried out in Japan at an hourly speed of 500.

In Turkey, the Ankara-Eskisehir-Ankara at the end of this year is still ongoing in Konya speed trains are expected to begin to correct the time between Ankara and Istanbul. In Turkey, the spread of high-speed train rail transportation is expected to see strong demand. Train journeys, which were not preferred much in our country due to their slowness, started to attract attention with a different application of the State Railways (DDY). DDY started to use rail transportation in collective organizations by renting new train sets that did not speed much, but were air-conditioned, modern and comfortable.

In fact, although it is very old on paper, this service, which has not been seen so far, has started to increase in recent years. Several trials in the Çukurova region have been very successful. Many interesting applications were found, including renting a train set and going from a rural wedding to a picnic. The citizen who rented the train set goes to the place he wants to organize his organization and the waiting train in the nearest station takes the passengers and returns again at the end of the program. This year, four organizations were organized in Adana. One of these organizations was the Adana Health Care Association (SAMEDER). The members were taken to a picnic with the train set rented by the association. Because the idea of ​​going on a picnic by train was considered as an unusual and interesting program for many people, the members showed great interest. Renting the train set, SAMEDER management had a picnic for its members in the Belemedik area, a paradise hidden in the bays of the Taurus Mountains after a one-hour journey. SAMEDER members met at the Adana Station and settled in their seats with the train approaching the perona. Dı Our train is assigned only to SAMEDER members and will go to Belemedik area. Ina After the announcement was repeated several times, the journey started. After a while, the sound system to the passengers of the association managers, told how they decided to do picnic train.

SAMEDER President Ismail Irday, one of their friends heard 'they can rent the train' information they have made initiatives and reached a conclusion as soon as possible, he said. Expressing that the idea is both interesting and very exciting, Irday said that many of its members had taken the train for the first time in their lives. While families were getting acquainted more closely during the trip, the children had fun with folk songs and poems. At the foot of the Taurus Mountains in a unique landscape in the hand of the train to the deep valleys, tunnels and the famous Varda Bridge after passing all shades of green sheep came to the bay where Belemedik came. Passengers on the edge of the picnic area, the train, 1-2 turned to wait at the station a mile away. After a colorful event that continued throughout the day, the train returned to Adana, taking the passengers from where they left off.

TCDD's renting of trains is not really new, but so far, leases for cargo transportation or film shooting have been reflected in social activities this year. According to the information provided by Mustafa Çopur, the Regional Director of DDY, the first lease in this sense was made to Adana Governor's Office last year. Within the scope of the 'hands extending to love' project, a large group of students was taken to Konya. Then the parents were taken on the same tour. This year the train rental business became a little more common. One time they took the military personnel on a tour Çopur said, ur A couple of people in Belemedik wanted to have a wedding wedding. They rented a train set from us, and they returned to 400 by filling out the person and doing a wedding wedding. Then came SAMEDER managers. We rented them a set and they went to the picnic with the 200 person. We expect such organizations to increase. Bu According to the information provided by Çopur citizens can go anywhere by train. Stating that they use air-conditioned and modern train sets, Çopur points out that the vehicles are extremely comfortable. Long journeys to describe what Çopur create bed and kitchen sets, especially for companies making cars can give to council meetings and internal company noted that Turkey tour offers the opportunity to hold meetings.

Train rental rates vary according to distance and type of rental car, number of wagons. But the distance is no matter how short the start price is. Even if the destination is very short, the fare cannot be less than a thousand pounds. 4 can transport people to Konya with 200 thousand pounds, Ankara to 9 thousand pounds, Istanbul to 18 thousand pounds can be reached.

Starting fees (round trip)
Type of vehicle Price (TL)
1-DMU and Suburban sets-.4.000,00
2- YHT Sets …………… ..… ..7.500,00
3- N .2.000,00 from rail bus sets

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