Kastamonuya Railway will surely come

Kastamonuya Railway will surely come
Ilgaz Mountain project is at the beginning of the works. According to the information given by the Governor of Kastamonu Erdogan Bektaş 600 meter by Ankara and Kastamonu 60 meters are drilled by the tunnel continues work.

The detected and confirmed amount of copper reserves in the Hanönü district in the last year is known as 22 million tons, and the studies in the district continue. Authorities explain that since history, the Küre copper mines have descended to 260 meters, and today, by descending to a thousand meters, approximately 30 million tons of reserves have been discovered. In the city, where there are chrome, manganese and coal mines as well as copper mines, it is stated by the authorities that the marble reserves that recreate the agenda are also quite high. Stating that the export figure of the marble called beige marble is approximately 43 million TL in March this year, Governor Erdoğan Bektaş said, “We have just started to extract our marble and process it. Therefore, in this sector kazanI think that we will provide three, and that we will announce our name with our marble as well as our other mines”. However, Governor Bektaş, who said that mining cannot be done without a railway and a port, noted that the railway approaching Kastamonu from three points, namely Karabük, Çankırı Ilgaz and Samsun, will definitely come to Kastamonu one day.

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