Kastamonuya Railway will surely come

Kastamonuya Railway will surely come
Ilgaz Mountain project is at the beginning of the works. According to the information given by the Governor of Kastamonu Erdogan Bektaş 600 meter by Ankara and Kastamonu 60 meters are drilled by the tunnel continues work.

In the last year, the determined and confirmed amount of copper reserve in Hanönü district is known as 22 million tons and the work in the district continues. Authorities say that from the date of their arrival in the Küre copper mines 260 meters down to a thousand meters down today, and about 30 million tons of reserves were discovered. In addition to the copper mines, chrome, manganese and coal mines are also found in the city, where the marble reserves of the agenda are quite high. Governor Erdoğan Bektaş said that the marble, which is called beige marble, has an export figure of about 43 million in March this year, ın We have just started to process our marble and started to process it. Therefore, I think we will make a big profit in this sector and we will announce our name outside of our other mines with our marble Dolayısıyla. But the mining and railways can not be done without saying that the Governor Bektas, Karabük, Çankırı Ilgaz and Samsun from the three-point Kastamonu'ya a day of the railway will come to Kastamonu also noted that the future.

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