The Mayor of Izmit, close to YHT (Video)

Izmit Municipality Mayor of YTT
The Mayor of Izmit continues to monitor the problems closely. President Doğan is frequently followed by the work of Cumhuriyet District, which is most affected by the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project. Dogan, who has been listening to the problems of citizens by going to the region so far, also checks whether the works are healthy. The Mayor of Izmit also made observations in the overpass work on the beach. High-speed train project due to the bridge over the bridge over the top of the high-rise Dogan incel Speed ​​train project is one of the most important works of our government. Studies are continuing at a great pace We are frequently discussing with our Regional Manager. There was a bridge in the Republic before. A very nice overpass was built in place of the bridge which was destroyed due to the works in the region. As a municipality, we have a peasant market in the region. There are also troubles in the transition here. Interviews with railroad officials continue. During the high-speed train operations, significant damage to the streets and streets in the area occurred. We talked to the related contractor and forwarded these problems. At the end of the studies, the problems in the Republic will end. We will continue to be the followers of the work as a municipality. Belediye

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