Israel's Jerusalem Tram Project

Israel's Jerusalem Tram Project
The Arab League condemned the tram project that would connect Israel's East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem, where settlements were established by occupying the lands of 1967.

At the Arab League meeting held at the level of delegates, it was emphasized that "Israel wanted to separate these lands from the West Bank in order to Judaize Jerusalem and continue the occupation."

At the meeting, the French government was also asked to persuade foreign companies to work in the occupied territories of Palestine within the framework of Israel's tram project, as required by international law, and to persuade companies to withdraw from the project that violates international law and the Geneva agreement.

The Arab League stated that they support Palestine in objecting to the verdict given in the lawsuit filed against the two French companies, and requested the Arab Trade, Industry and Agriculture Chambers Union and the Arab Railways Association to form public opinion on cooperation with French companies through their international relations.

The French court ruled in April that the tram project undertaken by French companies in Jerusalem did not violate the law.

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