A kind of nuclear war in Haydarpasa Station

I spent an entire afternoon at a place where 'entering is dangerous and forbidden'. Since there were only few running times, the percentage of danger had already fallen very low, never chasing the end of the ban. On the contrary, Haydarpaşa Train Station's 1 million metrakar sprawling over the vast land, while we coincide with the employees greeted in particular. He did not leave unanswered what we asked, and even advised “See this one here Ne. Moreover, his work clothes and work clothes were self-employed. Because the night of midnight hit midnight Haydarpasa Garı 'unmanned', an unknown future began.

As it is announced in Garda and every subsequent station, suburban flights in the Haydarpaşa-Söğütlüçeşme-Pendik line are suspended for two years. Just go to the other end of the city by using this line every day, how to spend the next two years, this is a matter of itself. After the renovation, Marmaray will bring a transportation system, which stops idle, which is one of the future issues. But in the middle of all of them there is no name for Haydarpasa Station in the new system.

No, but what does that mean? This is a black hole. For a structure without a plan, such as the Topçu Barracks, the projects had started, da We can do it, which can also be. Top In a way, we see similar situations in the public spaces which have been transferred to capital. There is a good odor on the nose and it is as if biçim we look at it in a way Burn. Of course it is not the public interest, but the process of directing the rent percentage from the project. That's why the different possibilities that come to our ear intersect like rails. Is this a hotel? Housing will be demolished and residences will rise? If Istanbul gets the Olympics, there are other projects if it doesn't? Hani Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan 19 in June, Haydarpaşa Station was to come? Wasn't it quietly worked out for this grand ceremony? Will these TCDD staff be moved to Gebze, other cities? Will there be layoffs? One of us asks, and they are denk from the machinist to the repair shop masters, all the pesonel we coincide Bir

Brake mail

From the end of the perons, a huge world begins to water the capital. Thanks to his childhood grandfather, it is a different place to visit with a friend in those lodgings. You can listen to the games that can be played on the rails, because they are all stopped, which fruit tree plum, mulberry can get more delicious tips, you can dominate the terminology more than one bite.

In the giant repair shops, while washing hands with arabic soap, this opportunity, for example, suggests to see the old 81660 in the corner. Or If you'd come early, I'd be more helpful, “he says. She doesn't know what's gonna happen to her. In one corner, chalkboards with the name of 'brake mail', 'Haydarpaşa unit' written by the old signage stands at the empty workshops, open door to the locomotives can go. The last ones waving. Then we will take the grandfather on the suburban line, 'Maybe we will remember' grandchildren, grandchildren to relive the memories of youths to go to Pendik to go back, 20 for years, not just working on this line, the idea of ​​the next day, sellers and residents will coincide with the idea.

Haydarpasa Train Station has a light colored warning sign on a wall, who knows what year. 'Learn the eleven ways to survive in nuclear war,' he says. Get information, get early news da It looks like another kind of war. In addition to the architectural masterpiece Haydarpasa Train Station, we are talking about a cultural heritage area with rusted giant nuts of rails. But the inhabitants of this city, the citizens of this country, neoliberal city policies, the socks on this place does not know what. For him, Haydarpaşa Solidarity and many NGOs have been going to the market every week for weeks. Because they know what can happen. The world's most metropolis has seen this 'nuclear war'.

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